Become a part of the Supreme Roasters Family

At Supreme Roasters we are all about taking a holistic approach with our cafe clients; it’s what we define as our point of difference from our competitors.spacer

Our cafe clients are welcomed to our Supreme Roasters family – where, like a family, we aim to support, encourage and provide ways to bring about success and growth to each individual business. Coffee is our passion and is a key element to cafe success however we don’t just talk coffee. Supreme Roasters understands that despite the cafe industry being a highly competitive and noisy environment with a low profit margin we are all about working with our owners to create a business that is scalable, profitable and fun.

Our team takes great pride in building a strengthened relationship foundation by guiding new clients through their cafe planning process which involves discussing leasing, practical fit out advice and ways to build business in a time where new owners may require a helping hand.using a tailored approach dependant on whether the client is new to cafe industry, or whether it be a seasoned cafe owner looking

for a new blend to introduced to their already established customer base. We have a great variety of clients enjoy the one on spacerone approach that is specific to their individual situation.

Supreme Roasters is all about investing into our cafe families that come on board. Our investment into our cafes is based on free on loan machinery options  which can range from between $5,000 to $20,000 worth of equipment; and with a vested interest in training and support to build a confident foundation between cafe and wholesaler – and most importantly delivering on our commitment to all of our clients with a uniquely individual approach. For us it isn’t about taking on a ‘quota’ of clients – its about bringing new clients into our already existing fraternity of successful, fun, well branded and profitable cafes. It makes us so proud to have helped build cafes from their starting goal of 15kg per week all the way up to 50-60kg per week.

Supreme Roasters are always looking for new members to join their family of coffee lovers – and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Practice makes perfect - and training is the key

Our training process and training manual is all worked around the machinery that we supply to each individual cafe so that cafe owner and staff alike can feel confident and knowledgeable in the coffee making process. All training provided is a part of the support guarantee from Supreme Roasters to help staff understand not only how to make a great coffee, but  also understand the sensory behind it and how to master the blend that is being used within their cafe. We achieve this process by conducting cupping sessions with cafes and their staff, roastery tours to give a working knowledge of coffee and of course plenty of time in front of the machine experiencing and learning the technical, science and sensory.

Machinery & Free on Loan Equipment

Supreme Roaster’s goal is to be the complete package and become Queensland’s wholesale coffee partner, and the supply of free on loan machinery is another important component of this. Much like an artist needs the right tools to craft a masterpiece, so too does a barista need the right machine to transform roasted beans into a delicious masterpiece for the palette.

Our free on loan typically consists of La Marzocco & Nuova Simonelli machinery and Mazzer grinders – Supreme Roaster’s preference of this machinery is primarily due to the quality and reliability factor and also the important fact that our quality control and consistency testing for all our coffee blends are specific to this machinery. By taking this approach we truly can offer our clients a start to finish approach from roasting fresh through to serving, you can have confidence knowing the product you are serving is made for the machinery it is being served from to your patrons.

The right equipment can make all the difference

Supreme Roaster’s passion and love for La Marzocco machinery led Roger to journey to their factory in Florence, Italy, to meet with the owners and the makers of these beautifully hand crafted machines and to gain an up close and personal knowledge for the future benefit of clients.

The distinct heritage of La Marzocco earns it a worldwide reputation; being crafted in the same birthplace that was home to the most celebrated artistic minds including Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Each stage of machine assembly at the La Marzocco factory still involves highly supervised and individualised production and hand crafting to create a highly distinguishable product.

La Marzocco as a company are all about customer satisfaction and at Supreme Roasters we are more than happy to align ourselves with a product and team that offers our clients superior performance, creativity and reaching new levels of coffee excellence with technology and design.

When you want to stand out from the crowd - Supreme Roasters Branding

Branding is an essential element for any business and Supreme Roasters is no exception! Our branding is bold, stands out and comes in many forms that we welcome our cafe clients to integrate into their decor should they wish to do so. Our highly visible coffee packaging also creates awareness and our parcels of coffee goodness look magnificent coming out of Supreme Roasters branded boxes. Branded items on loan which we offer include:

  • Supreme Roasters Umbrellas & Barriers
  • Supreme Roasters Stickers
  • Supreme Roasters Aprons
  • Supreme Roasters Blend and Single Origin descriptor sheets

We also offer Supreme Roasters branded takeaway cups; sourced from our supply partner Biopak our takeaway biocups are made from renewable resources and are certified carbon neutral. These brightly branded cups offer superior stability, insulation and promote the reduction of our carbon footprint. These cups come available in 3 branded sizes including 8oz, 12oz and 16oz.

All the supplies you need in the one place

Running a cafe on a daily basis can be an intense experience, and knowing what and where to order from can only add to that stress. The team at Supreme Roasters are here to combat stress and become your one stop shop by offering not only wholesale coffee but also offering all the cafe essentials to keep you running every week. Supplies we offer with customer orders include:

  • Shott Flavoured Syrups
  • Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder
  • Chai Powder
  • Tea Drop Tea Bags
  • Tea Leaves
  • White, Raw and Equal Sugar
  • Barista accessories for coffee making including milk jugs, barista towels, coffee machine cleaner etc
  • Crockery in a range of sizing