Where green beans are turned into roasted purveyors of happiness

Now to the lifeblood of our business; roasting. At Supreme Roasters we are quite easily able to admit that we are crazily OCD about consistency and flavour of our product so that we can spacerconfidently deliver a product that is a stand out in the industry. From farmer to coop to cup, consistency is something that we believe at Supreme Roasters should never be compromised or overlooked.

How do we ensure our product measures up to our Supreme namesake? It all starts with our green beans and ensuring that all our green beans go through testing which includes testing density, defect test, cupping, test roasts, profiling and assessing moisture levels. Roger takes a personal hand when possible in selection, having travelled to locations such as Tanzania and Kenya to source only the best lots for use and ensuring there is transparency from the farms where green beans are sourced through to production in roasting. Our ability to order and store up to 6 months green bean supply at a time also assures that we can have certainty of pricing and most importantly the desired flavour for our cafe clients.

Green beans are just the beginning – the next step is to do what

brings joy to our hearts at Supreme Roasters and that is being  able to fire up our customised, custom built 15kg and 30kg roasters to create what we love; our signature blends. At Supreme spacerRoasters, we roast our coffee on a daily basis – from a hot Queensland summers day to a chilly winter’s morning no matter what time of year; nothing beats the hum of the roaster firing up first thing in the morning and the smell of a freshly roasted batch of coffee.

Every roast is quality controlled by keeping stringent roast logs and ensuring that samples from every single batch roasted is kept on hand to be cupped to make sure the flavour delivered is spot on every time. When sourcing new coffee, we ensure that we are guided by the core principles of quality, transparency and consistency. All samples are cupped blind to ensure that there are no preconceived notions of what to anticipate. We treat each batch with the respect that the farmer expects and deserves. To ensure maximum freshness each roast is immediately bagged once it comes out of the roaster into 1 way valve bags. Stock is always held and sent around the state within a 1-5 day time frame with delivery information carefully monitored to ensure that our cafe clients get their orders fresh and within the desired time frame.